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Let Them Hit It — a World Series message about making money

Friday, November 4th, 2011


The great Zig Ziglar has many sayings that have stuck and become memorable principles for people all over the world. For the professional salesperson and those of us whose lives have to do with the extraction and attraction of money, this one draws the perfect picture as to why so many people do not have the money and success that they could otherwise have…

“Timid Sales People Have Skinny Kids!”

You read that right and let me make the point very clearly –

Period. End of story.

If I were to describe to you the thing that holds more people back from making
money, any money at all, I’m talking about, it’s that they say one thing but then
their behavior says something different.

The World Series got me to thinking so I’ll use it as an analogy.

I played baseball as a young boy all the way up until High School, kinda wish I
would’ve kept it up, but, wrestling was the only sport whose schedule fit with the
running of my martial arts schools so I had to let baseball go…but I still
remember the fun I had and get why so many people still find it America’s Pastime.

I was a pitcher and shortstop most of the time.

So, we’ll start with Pitching…

Back in the day, not at a pro level, the coaches always said, just throw it in there
and let them hit it. “give em something they can swing at” they’d say. That’s why
you’ve got the other 7 guys behind you…

And in sales, too many people try to trick every prospect they’ve got with some
crazy pitches that usually miss the mark. Instead of just throwing it right down
the middle.

I mean, seriously, if you’re any good at what you do, if you “deliver” and create
relationships, why not give them something they can swing at.

Stop being so paranoid and timid and desperate and trying to trick people into
things and just let them hit the ball.

It’s amazing how many people THINK they are “selling” when really they are
dancing, throwing the ball all over the place – and the batter couldn’t hit the
pitch if they wanted.

This is also related to the good old fashion salesperson problem of



So give them a pitch they can hit and let the 7 fielders behind you (answering their questions and objections, use of testimonials, explaining the benefits for them, etc.) help you make the out.

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