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101 Ways to Stay Visible and Win More Business – Part 1

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

I’m often asked by audiences, clients, and in media interviews, “So Tony, what’s the best way to pick up more business?” This isn’t an easy question or a simple answer as I’m a BIG believer that the better question to ask is, “What are several great ways to win more business?”

With these questions in mind, I’ll reveal, over this and the next issue, a helpful and handy checklist of 101 ways to capture more minds, hearts and bottom line: more business. You may consider printing off this list and highlighting which one’s you’re currently using, while at the same time, picking two or three which you plan to get moving on for use within your own company.

There’s no shortage of ways to attract and win business. Let this list serve as an idea generator and guide to spark your mind, imagination, and help to motivate you towards taking action on finding more ways to spread your message and serve more people.

#1. Make an offer
#2. Bundle different products and services
#3. Have a special event or sale
#4. Have FUN with your marketing
#5. Do an annual client appreciation event
#6. Send thank you notes
#7. Make thank you calls
#8. Mail articles of interest to your best customers
#9. Send postcards with special offers/updates
#10. Create and use an eletter to stay in touch
#11. Ask for referrals
#12. Give referrals
#13. Attend leads groups
#14. Get active in your chamber of commerce
#15. Offer free samples of your product/service
#16. Give an informative talk on your business
#17. Partner with a local cause or charity
#18. Partner with some of your key vendors to cross promote
#19. Partner with a well-known person or local celeb in your marketing
#20. Submit media releases to your trade groups and local newspapers
#21. Write a letter to the editor or op-ed piece
#22. Host or be a guest on local radio, TV or web based show
#23. Teach a class or lead a webinar
#24. Encourage employees to recommend you to others and within their social media channels
#25. Barter/trade with the local media
#26. Offer referral fees or discounts for those who send people to you
#27. Blog on topics related to your industry
#28. Engage people on FB, and online with special updates and offers
#29. Create a YouTube channel with approved client testimonials
#30. Stay visible within the community and donate products or services for fundraisers
#31. Ask those you currently do business with to consider working with you
#32. Hire friendly people that engage people and aren’t rude
#33. Have a pro answer your phones
#34. Get back to people quickly
#35. Make sure your website is easy to navigate
#36. Create a client-of-the-month recognition program
#37. Offer special bonuses/pricing for your VIP customers
#38. Provide free shipping or delivery to save time
#39. Take a key customer or referral partner out for coffee or a meal
#40. Survey your customers to find new ideas
#41. Make it right when you screw up as negative word-of-mouth can cause huge damage
#42. Always be listening for new ideas and tips from peers to keep improving
#43. Roll out something “New” at least once a quarter to keep things fresh in your business
#44. Always seek out logical joint ventures and new distribution partners
#45. Be friendly and look sharp – duh!
#46. Create a special report, guide or white paper to educate and differentiate yourself
#47. Share links or websites of interest with your top customers, prospects, and referral partners
#48. Say ‘Thank You’ and look people in the eye when they do business with you
#49. Feature your best customers in your newsletters, eletters and other marketing pieces
#50. Get rid of customers that are too difficult to please and focus more time and energy on those who value what you offer/provide

“Pick your favorite 3 ideas to build your business and start implementing them today!”

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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