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A Teachable Moment…from a Walmart Employee

Monday, July 18th, 2011


It is only fair since I have been known to write rants about such corporate giants as Walmart, I should let it be known when I am pleased as well. Last week, my six year old daughter and I were shopping for paint as I planned to paint our basement before the end of the month. Since it was the basement, I was not planning on paying top dollar for paint, and Walmart fit the bill.

Now I have been to stores all around our area for paint – Menard’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart – and many times, the trip does include one of my children being with me. Children are sponges, so teachable moments come in a variety of ways, and they are usually quite open to them.

This trip to buy paint, we had the privilege of learning just how do they get that white paint to look like that color swatch. Our teacher, the friendly guy at the Avon Walmart in the paint department named Rick, took the time to show my daughter (and myself) the entire process – from putting the code into the computer to showing us how to measure the paint to how the paint actually gets mixed to using the hair dryer on the dot of paint to help dry it faster and letting us see if the paint actually was correct. It was fun, it was interesting, and my daughter went home that night and told her daddy all about it.

Thank you, Rick, for taking the time to teach us not only about paint, but about taking pride in your job, going the extra mile for customer service, and taking the time for a teachable moment for our children.

Serina Kelly

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