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Ten Steps to Handling the Under-Performer

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

1. Determine if and why you believe performance is poor. Use facts and data, not “gut feeling” or hearsay.
2. Review performance with the individual.
3. Determine why performance is poor (it is always one or more of the below reasons)
a. The employee has no idea what is expected.
b. Lack of training or knowledge.
c. A non-work related problem is distracting them.
d. Employee is not suited for the job.
e. They just perform poorly in everything and maybe don’t really care.
4. Determine the action plan.
5.Determine an agreed upon timeline of events.
6. Have a plan ready if performance meets desired standards.
7. Have a plan ready and communicate ramifications for failure.
8. Follow-up and give feedback on a regular basis.
9. Don’t be afraid to modify recommendations. Things change.
10. Repeat steps as necessary.

In Conclusion:

It’s a team effort and YOU are the coach.
Try to keep emotions out of your business decisions.
You have to stick to your decisions and be firm and not wishy-washy.
Hire right next time – if you start with something good, your odds of success are better.

Dan Lacy
Growth & Profit Coach, Financial Strategist, Cash Flow Doctor, CEO Mentor
phone: 765-644-8887

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