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Back to School for your Business

Saturday, September 1st, 2012


They say “school is never out for the pro” and I know you’ve heard that. The otherweek I talked about doing things when other aren’t, is what gets you ahead. Since it’s back to school around the country I thought I’d give you my short list of things you should continually be studying and doing in your business and life.

Reading Books – not just business books and certainly not just pleasure books, books of all kinds. These keep your mind refresh. I always say you can never learn enough on your own in just one life to be successful, you need to leverage the knowledge and experience of other people. Read books.

Hone your skills on some specific part of your business. One of my close personal
friends and long-time client who is also a mentor and someone I look up to, Dr. Jim
Wines, a laser sharp copywriter and sales strategist chooses a skill set or area of
study and buys, reads, enrolls into courses and books and trainings every couple
months and dedicates himself to becoming exceptional or enhancing his ability. This
is a great practice that allows you to focus on and improve a key area of your life
or business.

Study other marketers and other competitors. This is obvious, but are you doing it?
Play prospect. Become customer. Look for best practices and apply them to your

Find a seminar and go to it. Expand your knowledge base, connections, and resources
all at the same time. Go be a student to someone else.

Try new marketing strategies. I like for people to do this every single month, do
at least one new or different thing to test in your business. You never know when
you will come across something that trumps all others or is beneficial in some way.

Test new products, offers, price points. Same as the one above, more internal, the
flip side to front end marketing. Your customers want to be surprised and excited
about being your customer and you want to give them reasons to pay attention. Show
up and be different in all ways and have more to offer. If you want to see a
company amazing at doing this check out, watch their monthly and
seasonal change promotions and re-inventions. Always something new and different.

Expand your marketing funnel and follow-up. It’s kind of like subjects in school,
especially math, you learn one thing before the next. Well you have to have one
part of your marketing funnel in place before the next part. Most people stop and
it gets stale, or they just give up on their list and leads. Don’t. Add another
step, or refer to above strategies, try something new, do an event or a promotion to
cultivate your list.

Try new things, personally. Activities, hobbies, food, etc. Add a little spice to
your life as they say. Keep you on edge and you’ll perform better that way.

Find something that you’ve heard called a “stretch goal”, and I’d add to that,
something that makes you go out of your comfort zone. Listen, if you are getting
nervous doing something to make money in your business you aren’t being bold enough,
or trying hard enough to be big and better.

Personally, you need to challenge yourself and feel challenged. Put a little
pressure on yourself and see what happens, you’ll survive and you’ll progress a
great deal more and it will spark momentum in your achievements, one thing leading
to bigger things, when you push yourself the saying holds true, you’ll be surprised
at what all you can do.

Okay, my favorite for the end…
Take a vacation. Oh yes, that’s part of back to school, actually it ought to be
part of your quarterly plan and even better monthly. Recharging your mind and body
and completely getting away from everything and everyone will free up space in you
to see more clearly and move with more decisive action.

Oh, there is one more that ties all of these together…get out your calendar for
the rest of the year and schedule all of these items. Organize, write them down,
allocate when and what and make a plan to keep you on track. Schedule your success,
and you’ll enjoy the rewards it’ll bring.

Scott Manning

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