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7 Lessons Learned from Video Blogging

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012


I have been video blogging for probably close to two years now. Have you seen my video blogs called Trends on the Treadmill? Video marketing, which includes video blogging, was the thing to do a few years ago, and guess what? It still is! Fifteen percent of the population on the internet is watching some sort of videos right now! Three billion videos are viewed a day on YouTube.
Since I have two years of doing video under my belt – well, actually, my workout outfits don’t have belts, but you know what I mean, I thought I would give you seven tips on what I have learned to hopefully help you get past whatever it is that is holding you back:

1. Don’t get so hung out on what you look like – just be you – people do business with those they know, like and trust, so show your true self and let people get to know you for you.

2. KISS – when it comes to content, keep it simple, sweetie! Simple ideas, simple concepts!

3. Good lighting – stick an extra light or two in the room, and do not be against a window. I learned that one after a couple videos!

4. Good audio – if people can’t hear you, they will click off really fast! On that note, if you have music playing in the background, make sure it’s not distracting.

5. SMILE – it helps you relax and others watching you relax and enjoy it!

6. Short and sweet – don’t go over 3 minutes, if possible. We all have such a short attention span nowadays!

7. Forget about perfection! Limit yourself to a few takes and just let it roll. Just think, you can use all those other mess-ups as your bloopers video!

Have fun with it! No one can be you, so enjoy that and just be yourself!

Serina Kelly

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