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6 Things that Make Butler Tough to Beat

Monday, March 28th, 2011

1) Coach Brad Stevens is an excellent basketball strategist and tactician
2) Coach Brad Stevens is a masterful motivator
3) The players are intelligent
4) The players have good basketball skills
5) The players are aggressive and tough
6) The players do not let “decreasing returns” affect their skill or motivation level: in short, when they are down in points, they do not let that affect their mind set — they play on in the same intelligent, skillful, aggressive manner as they do when they’re ahead.

It’s rare to have all six of these factors in play for one team. That’s why it’s hard to beat Butler. Of course, if the opposing team has very outstanding players, Butler may lose; in fact, they very well may in their next game — but don’t bet against them, even when they’re down (remember factor 6).

These 6 factors can aptly apply to your small business.

If you as the Owner/CEO have a good business model and strategy and combine it with a leadership that can articulate that plan and vision to your employees, plus motivate them to execute it, you will have made the first round in “reaching the Final Four” in business.

However, the other four factors are crucial. When you recruit employees, you want individuals as intelligent and skilled as possible, given that they have other requisite characteristics, and not settle on hiring someone because they will tacitly agree with you.

The employees should have good skills and be willing to improve them.

Those you hire should have a tenacity and a work ethic that makes them energetic, aggessive toward solving problems, and a toughness to be able to work through setbacks.

Look for someone who can exhibit factor 6 — they do not let setbacks or problems affect their mindset. Of course their ability to do so will be influenced greatly by the tone you set as leader, where you exhibit Brad Stevens-like leadership that takes 11-point deficits in stride en route to the Final Four.

The power comes in having all 6 operative in your business, especially factor 6.

John Gifford
(317) 407-3382

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