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The Power of Follow up in a Digital World

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Last week, I was on a monthly mastermind call that I’m a part of with other entrepreneurs and one of our associates from Australia mentioned his latest marketing campaign and the positive results he was getting from an elaborate, multi-step follow up sequence.

When we went round robin to give him ideas to make the promotion even better, one of our attendees asked the following question: “Are you doing a follow up phone call to leads that inquire and request more information?” Our friend from down under replied, “Yes, after 20-days we add a phone call into the follow up sequence.”

While on the surface, this may not be a big deal, in direct marketing circles this is an area that can be easily improved upon to help convert more interested leads into paying clients. So what’s the immediate lesson from my Australian mastermind business associate and the story I just shared? The answer is this: adding in a follow up call within the first few days builds authenticity and can be more effective sooner in the follow up sequence.

Here are three big tips in follow up that we can all use when people seek to do business with us for the first time.

#1. Make a follow up phone call in a timely manner. The old adage “strike when the iron is hot” is true with this tip. People are often shocked to get a phone call from a “live” human these days. In the age of digital, email has taken over. A quick, well-timed follow up call can do wonders and build goodwill with an interested prospect. In addition, the longer you wait to call a potentially interested prospect, the higher the probability they’ve already either sought out someone else or that they might have forgotten that they even raised their hand and contacted you.

#2. Set expectations. During the call, let the person know what to expect so they have a good idea of how you do business. Not only does this set the stage in an open and positive way, but it also shows that you have your act together. In addition, it immediately telegraphs good customer service which is often times difficult to find these days.

#3. Thank them for their request and reaching out to you. Yes, the lost art of appreciation. It’s amazing when we acknowledge and thank people for their time and attention, how well it is received and appreciated. In a busy world, this personal and customized follow up gets people talking and interested in you because they now see you or your company in much better light.

Bonus tip: Make sure you continue to follow up with an interested prospect over time. It’s amazing how many people stop following up with a prospect after 2-3 communications. People often take longer to make buying decisions and research has shown that it is often between the fifth and twelfth contact that many prospects, especially for high-ticket purchases, strongly consider making a buying decision.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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