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101 Posts and Predictions for 2011 in Technology, Marketing, and Social Media

Friday, January 14th, 2011


I’ve been reading the articles and posts predicting trends and advancements for the new year. It is interesting to see the different perspectives that have built themselves out over the year. I decided to list the posts I have read and the different predictions I have for the new year.

1. Technology in 2011: A Guide from the people at Pocket-lint

2. Websites have and will continue to become content portals instead of billboards.

3. Facebook will complete an IPO with Goldman Sachs.

4. I will not be able to buy the initial offering… as hard as I may try.

5. Social Media : The Hot Topic at CES for 2011

6. 75 New Year Resolutions for the Internet in 2011 from Doug Karr

7. 6 Predictions for Social Media in 2011 from Holy Kaw!

8. One-to-one direct response marketing will be the pinnacle of advancement in PR, technology, and marketing.

9. The job “social media consultant” will become a “commodity product.”

10. Google will lose even more ground to Facebook in the world of social media – from the Social Media Dudes

11. The Great Social Network Cleanup of 2011 < completely agree with this post.

12. Measurement will be even more important in the world of marketing because of the meshing of service offerings (direct mail + social).

13. ExactTarget will have an explosive year with their new Interactive Marketing Hub.

14. Any marketer who can take an online experience and add entertainment or some other real-world value will reap big rewards.

15. Conversion metrics will change drastically as technology becomes more advanced.

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