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What Does Teamwork Mean to You?

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Wagner Signs is on its way to having a landmark year in sales – and the main reason is because they have increased their capacity to work as a team.

Following a record month, CEO Todd Wagner individually asked his team members 7 key questions about their thoughts on team work.

I thought their answers could give you perspective on how your team functions and their priorities:

1. The main benefit of teams is…
Leveraged results
More work completed in less time
You can accomplish more as a team than as an individual
A team is stronger than an individual
Having fun and accomplishing a task
People backing you up
The ability to meet goals
You get multiple ideas and skills
Everyone works together to achieve a goal

2. One important reason teams make sense for an organization is…
Powerful ideas
You can tackle bigger projects
A positive work environment
The ability to share workload
Collectively the company will be more successful
To have fun reaching a goal
Checks and balances
Everyone knows their role
Everyone knows their role

3. In order for a team to work, the team leader must…
Set a vision and hold the team accountable
Hold members accountable
Set the end result
Understand how to lead
Lead by example
Be willing to listen to others

4. The number one thing that weakens teams is…
Lack of communication
Lack of communication
Lack of communication
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians
Not listening
Not working together
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