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When you are doing “every-thing” but making money

Thursday, December 5th, 2013


Does it ever feel like you are doing everything, like literally every-thing you know to do, think you should be doing, and yet you aren’t getting the results you expect OR deserve.

If you are like most entrepreneurs you certainly bear the brunt of the responsibility for all things that have to happen in order to make your business a success. Of course you should, it is your business after all. And that’s fine when things are going great, when you are making good, big, or heck any money, when things aren’t going great though or your progress is anything but smooth, forward, or accelerating it is easy to get frustrated, to blame the rest of the world, or to get really down on yourself.

So, what, then, do you do and how can you change the course or at least turn things around in your favor? Usually it isn’t all that difficult to make that happen,

I’ve shared with you about the mental obstacles that get in your way. I have shared the environment and people that can sabotage your productivity, money, and general success and happiness. All of these are foundational core issues that must not be ignored and have to be managed and controlled.

Today though I want to nail down some marketing and money making secret weapons that can and will have dramatic impact on your results usually in very short order.

I call it the shortest distance between idea and money strategies.

There are of course other things to building a sustainable business and you may even have that down, it is just that things aren’t clicking from a cashflow or sales perspective.

Here’s a few things to give yourself a little check up on and find out.

1 – are your messages carefully and specifically targeted to your ideal prospect, are they niched?

One of the best ways to improve results and/or make some quick money is to reassess who you are spending your time trying to sell. Are you going after the right market? Are you using the right message to introduce your product, service, business to this market?

More often than not I see a major disconnect between what a business owner says they are doing for sales and marketing and who their target customer is and what they are actually doing to market and sell to this same person.

SOLUTION – take a step back, forget what you are doing now, and describe and decide who is your ideal customer and what is their biggest major challenge and pain that you provide solution to, go direct to that market with specialized marketing strategies and shorten the sales cycle by closing over the phone or in person – simply to get the money flowing back in.

2 – are you effective or is the person responsible for selling effective at actually asking for money, structuring the sale, closing the deal?
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