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Movies, Music, TV – what can you really learn from Entertainers? A LOT!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011


We went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie.

I love going to the movies, although I make it only a couple times a
year. I always see the “history” makers, or should I say “money makers.”

A close personal friend and client of mine has a “movie night” every week, and I think it’s great. That’s a routine I intend to copy someday.

There are reasons why I enjoy movies so much, but that’s not my point today.

Nope. I want to talk with you about Entertainment in general.

Movies. TV. Music.

When it comes to marketing and making money, there’s something you’ve got to
pay attention to, it’s like the lesson to end all lessons of earning giant
amounts of money.

In every one of these Industries there are people AT THE TOP that we could all
name. Perhaps your kids could name them much more easily than you.

First, let me provide a little dramatic demonstration to prove what I’m about
to tell you.

(disclaimer, my numbers will not be pin point accurate because I’m not taking
time to look up the specifics, but they’ll be in the ballpark, good enough for
my point.)

I am fascinated by the BUSINESS of Entertainment.

So, when a blockbuster movie comes out, I always look to see how much money it
brings in opening weekend, and then my curiosity usually drives some further

Here’s what I found…
If you like what Scott Manning is saying, hear his mentor Dan Kennedy. Learn more about Dan Kennedy and his presentation in Indianapolis.
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