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Stop Wasting Time Networking

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

If you ever feel like you’ve wasted time networking, this blog is for you.

So, here it is, 6 keys on how to stop wasting time while networking.

1. Do your initial one-on-one’s over the phone – It takes you 30-minutes to leave your office and drive to Panera, and then another 30-minutes to drive back and get resituated to work. If you aren’t certain that the person you’re meeting with is going to make you money, have your initial meeting over the phone. You can have 3 times as many meetings, and are guaranteed to spend your quality face-time with relationships that generate revenue.

2. Set an agenda for your meeting – I love hearing about your kids, dogs, and recent trip to Idaho, but what I really care about during an initial one-on-one is whether or not we share the same target market, are part of the same life/business event, are part of the same client conversation, have a similar sales cycle, and are best of breed. Those are the primary items that will make a good strategic relationship. Second to that is us getting along as networking buddies. Let’s save all of the relationship building personal stuff for our future or social meetings, because frankly, I don’t even know if we’ll see each other again.

3. Only meet with strategic relationships – Have you ever finished a one-on-one and thought, “what a waste of time”, read full article »

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