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Divide and Conquer: Achieving Maximum Results through Yourself and Others

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


In keeping with the theme of the New Year and getting your ship sailing in the right
direction, making necessary and often tough changes and decisions, this week I’m
going to take you behind the scenes of how I get so much done and manage so many
different projects, businesses, income streams, and relationships.

The short answer is, I work. Hard, long, often, relentlessly. But, that’s not the
sexy answer you are looking for and to leave it at that wouldn’t be telling you all
the truth.

My business is pretty much divided right down the middle in terms of getting money
and fulfilling for the money we get. My primary responsibility is being me, going
out and getting clients and expanding relationship into bigger opportunities,
creating enough demand to raise fees and become more valuable.

That’s all another way of saying creating chaos, running around causing trouble, and
doing a whole of stuff then having to figure it out after the fact. That’s the way
it goes if you want to get a lot done, we are valuable to a lot of people, and
create above average income.

But, there is after all another side to the business. You can never fully do the
“work on the business” versus “in the business” thing entirely. It’s impossible.
At least someone has to pay attention to the details, deliver on the goods, fulfill
for the money.

Without some backend support, someone taking care of the ying while you’re out
yanging…you’ll go nowhere fast and hit a ceiling in your business quickly leading
to frustration and unhealthy stress. I say unhealthy because too many people think
stress is avoidable and crumble under pressure. Not so. Everything happens under
pressure and stress is inevitable but it doesn’t ever have to be unhealthy.

Back to my point, and my brother, who is my business partner and really life partner
as friend and confidant. I mean, he keeps me alive, out of jail, and relatively

Yet, I seldom see him, less than once a month now, this year. We talk one
structured time each week and have more random conversations about football and
politics than business, because we have a system for working together, for building

We divide things right down the middle both using our own specialized and developed
skills, maximizing our talents, things we prefer to be doing, we do.
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