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Why you must build authenticity into your marketing

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The game’s almost up. There are few places left to hide. In the age of instant search, you and your organization’s reputation are now only a keystroke away for the world to discover. Transparency online is becoming the new normal. This is one of the positive consequences of the digital age. In a strange paradox, there’s a new scam being made online each day while at the same time there’s another one being found out and put out of business. Managing and building a solid online reputation is the newest tool and skill to add to your marketing quiver.

Here’s a quick observation as to how most of us view the daily messages we encounter: we all have a built in BS meter when it comes to marketing messages of any kind. Let’s take a closer look at what I call “persuasion nets” in our minds that often build up over time with cynicism and doubt when we’re confronted with most marketing messages. Here are a few key persuasion nets that shape our BS meter in relation to dealing with marketing messages:
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