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29 Ways to Integrate and Reuse Your Marketing Content

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Reuse your content to save!

Sometimes, coming up with new content for your website, blog post or other marketing can be downright exhausting. As an outsourced marketing copywriter for my Indianapolis clients, I’m always trying to find ways to re-purpose existing content and marketing tactics in order to save my clients time and resources. So I put together 29 ways that you might reuse your existing marketing materials:

1.Turn an effective print ad campaign into a landing page or email blast.
2.Shorten your whitepaper into a blog post.
3.Turn a page of web content into a sales letter or brochure.
4.Use your blog posts for email marketing content.
5.Re-write customer testimonials into a longer case study or add them to your website.
6.Use social media to share your (old or new) blog posts and drive people to your website.
7.Recruit subscribers to your eNewsletter through your social media pages.
8.Recruit social media followers through your in-store display, sales letter or email.
9.Post your press release on your website or blog.
10.Send your blog post, whitepaper or case study to a publication for earned media coverage (PR).
11.Print out relevant blog posts or media coverage and send them to a prospect with a sales letter.
12.Gather your press releases, press coverage and blog posts into a media kit to post on your website or to send to reporters and editors. Use at trade shows as handouts for prospects and media.
13.Have your customer read their case study or testimonial in a video format to post on YouTube and your website.
14.Perform a customer survey and send any relevant results to your industry trade journal or to the local media.
15.Send a blog post or educational article to a local or trade media editor for inclusion as a column.
16.Print out a copy of your latest print ad campaign and use it as a flyer or handout at a trade show, golf outing or other event sponsorship.
17.Send flyers or offer letters with your billing statements to customers to remind them of additional products or services.
18.Re-run your radio advertising or customer testimonials as your on-hold message on your company’s office telephone line.
19.Post your television advertising on a company YouTube account and on your website.
20.Use social media to promote an upcoming trade show, open house, sponsorship or other event.
21.Package leftover promotional products and materials from trade shows or events and include them in prospect mailings or gift packages for clients and vendors.
22.Create a blog post about your company’s events over the past year, and document with photos and videos.
23.Write a blog post about your company’s most popular blogs or social media posts of the year.
24.License your blog content for others to use and promote on their websites or blogs (with permission and a link back to your site, of course).
25.Post a sales presentation PowerPoint slide on SlideShare and include on your social media pages.
26.Share a relevant blog post to a local or industry LinkedIn Group page.
27.Create a whitepaper or eBook out of blog content, surveys or old eNewsletter content. Offer it for downloading on your website in exchange for signing up for your newsletter or requesting information.
28.Convert a blog post into an audio or video file for your website.
29.Tape-record your speaking engagements and offer them (for sale or download) via your website.

These are just a few ideas for re-purposing content — off the top of my head. How many more could you add to this list?

Susan Young, President
AimFire Marketing
(317) 858-7669 office/fax
(317) 414-3623 cell

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