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Atomically Successful Events

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Throwing events to pump up retail sales can be boom or bust.

Here are some keys to hosting successful events that build loyalty and sales:

1. VIPs – Your party should always include celebrities, notables, or women (depending on your audience). People always want to be around the best of the best. Invite them to your party, confirm them, and promote their presence. If this is an event for entertainment, make sure that there are women there. Women like women, and men do too. Women don’t like too many men at a party, and neither do men. Make sense? Another tip under VIPs is giving them free passes. If someone will improve the cache of your event, give them a free ticket and then talk up the fact that they just registered!

2. Layering – The Little Red Door Cancer Agency hosted an event last year called Unite2Fight. For the most part, it was a flop. There weren’t that many people there, and the energy was limited. Part of the problem was that the event wasn’t layered. Layering is the process of adding multiple dimensions or reasons to attend a party. For the Little Red Door’s 2012 outreach event called, the Big Red Bash, they have layered it with a food truck rally, health fair, kids zone, Zumba world record attempt, and a performance from a British rock band. If someone doesn’t like Zumba, they may like the band. If someone else doesn’t have kids, they may like food trucks. Give people more than one reason to show up, and they will.

3. Social Bandwagon sign-up – Take the weight of promoting your event off of your shoulders. Using a social sign-up program like Eventbrite, Evite, or Facebook events, will help your guests see who else is coming, and share the event with their friends. These services are free and easy to use. Tweetbrite is another online application that will send out a tweet every time someone signs up for your event via Eventbrite. Social promotion, done. (well, a part of it, anyways…)

4. Hook – If you’ve already layered your event, make sure you still have a hook! What is the super exciting reason why people should come to your event? Is it one particular celebrity? Is it a drawing or giveaway? Create something big and BOLD that will catch the attention of potential guests.

5. Early-Bird Special – Create an early bird special for people who register before the day-of the event. Doing so will help you manage cash flow for the event, and inspire others to sign up, and prepare for material purchases when event day arrives.

6. Strategic Sponsorships – Connect with other businesses or groups who target the same audience that you do and ask them to become a strategic sponsor. Strategic sponsors are always great for product giveaways (promote the fact that the winners could be a good new client), and for promoting the event to their lists.

7. Know Your BEP and ROI Expectations – Never throw a party without thinking about how you are going to make money from it (unless it’s your birthday party. Or, maybe…). How many tickets do you have to sell to clear all of your costs for the event. That is your break-even-point (BEP). How much money will you make from ticket sales, product sales, or lead generation at or after the party? That is your return-on-investment (ROI).

How else have you created success in your business through event marketing?

Jamar Cobb-Dennard

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