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Plastic Flowers

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Ever wonder why people go through the trouble of
making ‘Plastic Flowers?’ Sure they are pretty, but they
don’t give you the same feeling, smell, or even imperfection
of being perishable, but you can “over engineer” products
and services.

It is kind of like the sales person who has the perfect suit,
the perfect car, the perfect presentation, and even plays the
perfect numbers game to the perfect process, yet always
seems to come in on the middle of the pack on his team.

The imperfect, flawed people (as well as the natural
perishable flowers) always seem to make more sales or
bring more joy. I think a lot of us do this when we start a
new company, or launch a new product. We want so much
to be perfect before anyone else sees our business that we
don’t allow the environment to change the product or the

Back to the flower analogy – we don’t allow the people to
water the flowers. You see, if your product or service is
beautiful enough, your customers will water it. They will give
you the feedback and bring you the customers you need to

 Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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