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When CHANGE Hits, What Happens to You?

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Ben Franklin said long ago that “nothing is certain except for death and taxes”. We need to add to that, nothing is certain except, change, death and taxes. Ben Franklin saw significant changes in his lifetime; but for us today, that change has steadily accelerated and that change is impacting our business every day. Here are examples of change that we have experienced in the last 10 years:

We used the yellow pages to find services and phone numbers, we didn’t know about Google.

Faxing was the fastest vehicle of getting information from one point to another, scanning and attaching a document was only in the comic books
Marketing was primarily: direct mail, radio, TV and yellow pages. Today, email, e-newsletters, blogs, Twitter and FSS feeds are the marketing vehicles that most small businesses use.

Employee training was accomplished with VHS tapes in a player with a TV. Today, it is live webinars for immediate feed back on questions that need answered.

Hiring was accomplished with interviewing, more interviewing with some in-house testing methods and a bunch of gut feeling. Today there are numerous on-line assessment systems for: first time hires, sales, management, line supervisors, management evaluations and more.

My cell phone 10 years ago was intermittent at sending and receiving; today smart phones can get emails, web access, and latest stock prices, weather, YouTube and much more. It is a virtual office in your pocket.

What worked in the past has no guarantee of working in the future. Both the internal and external operations of a business are changing at an ever-accelerating pace. New technologies, new products and services, new delivery systems and new competition, changes a local market on a consistent basis.
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