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Think INSIDE the Box

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Every creative person that has one idea to his or her credit has heard of the concept of thinking outside the box. I think this doesn’t do the process of creative thinking or brainstorming justice. Beyond that, it’s really limiting in the capacity of the human brain. To think that we can only create with out constraints.

If you have ever worked with someone who is handicapped or disabled in anyway, it is always amazing how these seemingly limiting characteristics create the most incredible ways of functioning. Whether it’s a blind person counting paces between the bus station and the front door. Or a person with no hand creating a new grip for their golf swing.

I once played golf with a man with only one hand. He shot an 82 and beat me by three strokes! He said he analyzed twenty sports he thought he could be competitive in, and realized in golf he might have advantage because of the dynamics of having one fulcrum and no way to decelerate the club.

These people think within in the box they are given to create the most amazing solutions to address their lives with. All the borders of the box seem to do is make them more creative.

I have used this process many times to accelerate the creative process. Once you define what the characteristics of the solution are, you get the most creative solutions.

Think INSIDE the box and break through faster!

 Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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