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How to Create BUZZ

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Buzz – people talking about you, your business, product or service

How does “buzz” happen? There are quite a few starters. For example, when a large company that houses millions of email addresses is hacked on a national level, there is quite a bit of buzz around security. When the US bombs another country there is quite a bit of buzz. When Apple released their iPad 2 there was an incredible amount of buzz. People talk about and share things they find interesting. And in today’s world, the use of social media on-the-go takes this to an extreme. People will retweet something they found funny or interesting to thousands of followers. Statuses are updated constantly from mobile devices.

Wouldn’t it be great to have others talking about your business because they found you interesting? And sharing your information through their social avenues?

Of course it would, that’s what we all want! Sometimes you can come by this for free when it just “happens” and there’s no way to manufacture buzz. AND you can do things and use tools to help cause this. Pair the right tools with quality techniques and smart marketing and you’ll be able to create some buzz.

Why do you want to create buzz?
When you’re using the right tools, buzz is going to result in targeted leads. Targeted leads = business = profit = cash. It’s that simple. When you get people excited to share YOU then that means cash for you. Of course, you have to set this up, people don’t usually just send you their info saying, “Hey, I’m interested!”

A contest is an incredible way to get people excited and talking about you. Here’s the basics to putting one together:

1. Identify the people that you want to have “buzzing” about you. I’m sure you’d love to have everyone talking about you as would I, right now you need to pick one group. You can do this for different targets.
2. Identify what they really want that you have (or could have)
3. Launch a contest that gives away what these people “must” have and market it to them.

Don’t be cheap. Period.
Give away something really valuable. Something people wouldn’t usually walk down to the convenience store and buy. Make them feel like they’re getting a steal. Everyone is asking for their email address and you need to bait them. Don’t think about how much this is “costing” you. This is about generating targeted leads which are FAR more valuable than the cost of your prize.

Overall it’s pretty simple with how you put it together. The tricky part is in the execution. You’ll want to use different incentive methods to get people to sign up and share as well as market to other influencers in the target you’re after. Stay diligent and keep promoting and marketing. If it’s not working, you probably aren’t giving away something they’re interested in. In that case you may want to announce a winner early and pull back to launch a different campaign.

Contests are fun and exciting. Focus on creating the results and in the end you will be excited with all of the targeted leads. So have fun with it!

Luke W Russell
Online Building Blocks – Lead Generation Tools

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