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Achieve Results with a Five Minute Vocal Warm Up

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Do you warm up your voice? If you don’t, you should. Good speech takes muscle. And just as your leg muscles work better if you warm them up before a run, so will your speech muscles work better if you warm them up at the start of your day. Your voice will sound better and stronger. Your articulation will become more clear and crisp. You’ll be easier to understand. And as you strengthen your speech muscles, you’ll be able to talk longer without vocal fatigue.

While warming up the voice is important for those who speak a lot, it’s also important for those who don’t. Some people have solitary jobs where they hardly speak at all, such as computer programmers, artists or writers. If the vocal cords are under used, they may actually begin to weaken and atrophy.

Try this short vocal warm up to get your voice ready for the day. Here’s how it works. Before you begin, drink a glass of warm water. Then, follow the exercises as listed. While doing the warm up, if your throat becomes sore or your voice feels strained, stop immediately. Work up gradually until you can comfortably do the entire exercise. And of course, if you have persistent hoarseness, weakness or any kind of throat or voice problem, please let us know.

Try these 5 times each, once each day (or before your presentation):
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