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Change, Transitions, and Life Lessons from Peyton in Orange!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


If you follow sports at all, and how could you not, you’re aware of the transition that just took place with the most prized player in Football (and what could prove to be the conclusion of the greatest quarterback career in history). Certainly now more than ever he’s got an opportunity to place himself beyond the other top QBs.

Of course I’m talking about Peyton Manning. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for people tied to Indianapolis, the Colts, or Peyton in any way. Much like I’m sure, if not exactly, the way it was with Brett Farve.

The ironies of life and business wrapped up into this brilliant example of how
things change and people must too in order to capitalize and make the most of all
situations and circumstances.

I’ll tell you this, if only we could all have deadlines and trade rules and built in
time frames where we were forced to make decision by; like they’ve had the past
couple weeks we’d all be better off.

I don’t know too many examples, can’t think of any actually where someone said,
“geez, I sure wish I would have spent a few extra days, months, years waiting around
for that decision to become more clear” nope. People always wish they would have
acted more decisively, moved faster, and took action.

There is a saying that goes something like, “action brings clarity.” Not getting
clear and then acting. Hardly. Move, go, change, adapt, do something.

You know, Peyton would have loved to stay in Indy and finish his career, the reality
is it wasn’t the best thing for his career and no question, not the best thing for
the Colts. Thus change ensued. We’d all like to think of it as “the way things are
supposed to be”.

But, things usually aren’t. Things happen and times change, opportunities lead to
other opportunities, people lead to other people, and growth and evolution in life,
business, sports; all requiring the courage to move on.

Someone once said, if your business is the same three years from now, you will have
no business. And apparently no football team.

Here’s what you’ve witnessed, a decision by a team, then a decision by a player,
then a decision by another team, and a decision by a player. The Colts, then Peyton,
then Denver, then Peyton.

The keyword is DECISION. To accept change maturely, responsibly, and decisively and
then immediately consider and again decide what’s best for You, and that answer will
always be staring you in the face; you now only need the courage to live out the
reality of the new change.

Every day in your business you face this exact situation usually sitting in a limbo
of choices, pretending something will change…it will not.

You must always be moving towards the ultimate outcome that you desire!

I will say that again…
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