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Grow Your Business from Unfunded to Freedom

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Let’s face the fact that most first-books by local authors suck hyssop. They’re too wordy, have a ton of editing mistakes, aren’t contiguous, are cheaply produced, and don’t help the reader do anything besides stroke the authors ego.

This is not the case with Nick Carter’s, Unfunded.

I applaud you for reading the books and attending the local book launches of your friends and colleagues. It’s good to support them. Writing a book is hard work – even when it’s done poorly. These activities are helpful to people who aren’t good writers. Support Unfunded for a different reason.

I beseech you (what’s up with all of the biblical words today?) to read Unfunded and attend the book launch, because you want to learn how to grow your business from the ground up with no funding. If you’re looking for a quality book that delivers that result, Unfunded is the answer.

Let’s talk about content.

If you’re a business newbie, the undefined jargon in the first 36 pages of the book will throw you for a loop, but once Carter begins breaking down the structure behind an unfunded business, something magical happens. In a quick 150 pages, Unfunded transforms the lame “hobby” business that your wife and friends tease you about, into a viable method of starting a business.

Carter doesn’t only break-down growing from unfunded to blue chip into an easy to follow system; you also get to peek into his personal world. When I first met Carter, I was a young entrepreneur who didn’t have money to fix his brakes. Carter, the farm boy, showed up in a hospitable way and offered to turn my rotors and change my brake pads in his pole barn. It’s personal stories like this, and the theme that starting an unfunded business is like starting a fire without accelerant, that poise Unfunded to someday climb national best seller lists.

When I was at the music conservatory as a teenager, our professors taught us that our real value as musicians was the quality of our ‘original’ thoughts. The same thing goes for authors. When reading Unfunded, you will run into a few of Carter’s original ideas, which position him as a creative leader in business thought.

Here is my recommendation. Get Unfunded, and carry it with you daily. If you want to be successful as an unfunded entrepreneur, I should see this book on your dashboard, in your briefcase, and on your night stand.

Jamar Cobb-Dennard
Rainmaker Marketing Group

Jamar Cobb-Dennard is a business development strategy and implementation expert, and the President of Rainmakers Marketing Group. For 6 Business Development Must Do’s You’ve Probably Missed, please visit

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