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15 Tips to Building A Better NonProfit Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011


I was reading Douglas Karr’s post, 10 Steps to Build a Better B2B Twitter Strategy, over on the MarketingTech Blog and realized he was playing with brillance. Of course, we are not talking about new ideas but it is always better to discuss the fundamentals of marketing and strategy.

While Doug’s post is for the B2B strategist on Twitter, I realized the majority of the comments and suggestions could be used in the nonprofit world. I am going to rehash some of his ideas (in italics) with a nonprofit spin and add some ideas of my own.

1. Identify Your Target Audience. In the nonprofit world this means your target constituent, advocate, or donor. How do you target or even define the ideal constituent? Look at your data. Your data should tell you (with some predictive measurement) who your idea donor or advocate actually is. If you do not have the data to support past gifts or volunteering, it is up to you to search and verify. Use services like Google Alerts and Search feeds on Twitter to figure out who is communicating and “talking’ about your competitors and partners. Who is the active individuals within your social circle?

2. Utilize Landing Pages. Landing pages are important because they allow you to create tracking metrics that can be applied to the specific campaign that is being launched. Click here for more landing page tips.

3. Ask Your Donors For Your Story. Storytelling is one of the premiere problems in the nonprofit marketing world. Nonprofit institutions tend to publish and distribute content that reads more like a portfolio than a story. You have the most genuine and heart-wrenching stories than an advertising firm could ever create! It is up to you to ask your donors to tell their story of why they are involved in the process.

Grab a flip cam.

Take it to an event.

And start asking questions.

4. Setup Search Feeds Using Hootsuite. If you are not already using Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts… you are missing out on a huge opportunity to stay productive in the world of social media. Hootsuite allows you to setup search columns within your account to follow certain terms and phrases being used on Twitter. This will help you keep track of information being shared and may even help you send individuals to landing pages to capture data.

5. Do Not Buy Followers. This is not a tool that I use but Doug has used TwitterCounter to pay for promotion on the site. Straight from the horses mouth:

“Rather than buying followers, which is a terrible approach that results in tons of spammy followers who leave days later, read full article »

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