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Radio Indy Smallbiz Update

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Here is the Radio Indy Smallbiz line-up with the host and topic for each program. Go to the specified link to connect either by phone or by web-based streaming audio.

Luke W. Russell – Friday, Sept. 23rd, 9-9:30am
Link to connect to Luke W.’s program

Luke’s topic is: Marriages and Businesses – Keeping Both Happy
and Healthy. His guest is Burrow Hill, Author of Talk Tools.

Noah Shabman – Friday, Sept. 23rd, 4:30-5pm
Link to connect to Noah’s program

Noah will be discussing current computer and IT trends.

Wayne Brewer – Monday, Sept. 26th, 9-9:30am
Link to connect to Wayne’s program

Wayne’s topic is “The Changing of the Seasons, both in business and in other areas: How you must adapt to the climate.”

John Gifford – Monday, Sept. 26th, 9:30-10am
Link to connect to John’s program

John is interviewing Sheri Watts, President/CEO of The Watts Connection, Inc. The topic of discussion will be healthy and not-so-healthy business cultures.

Deseri Garcia – Monday, Sept. 26th, 4:30-5pm
Link to connect to Deseri’s program

Deseri is interviewing Topher Overstreet, President and Founder of Xiik Marketing. The topic will be: Starting a company and the path toward finding the right team, aligned around the company’s vision.

Lisbeth Calandrino – Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 9-9:30am
Link to connect to Lisbeth’s program

Lisbeth’s guest will be Daniel G. Alcorn, Business Funding & Customer Retention, They will be discussing “Please Tell Us Why We Should Like or Follow Your Business.”

Danny O’Malia – Tuesday, Sept. 27th, 4:30-5pm
Link to connect to Danny’s program

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