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Friday, November 23rd, 2012


Several years ago my wife and I decided to discontinue our subscription to The “”Gannett” Star, formerly The Indianapolis Star. Our reasons were myriad. Poor writing. Misspelled words, even in headlines. Loss of local flavor was a big one.

I understand the need to cut costs. I’ve been a “cut cost” myself, as my grocery career was ended when Sun Capital bought Marsh. But that’s another matter.

This is about The Gannett Star.

If I wanted the USA TODAY’S version of reporting on Major League Baseball games the prior day, I’d buy USA TODAY!

But yesterday (Thursday) I was reminded of how low The Star has sunk. You see, I LOVE newspapers, so my wife and I decided to retain our subscription to the Sunday Star. That means we get the Thursday Star, since that’s the day The Star sells all those ads and they know if they had to show the advertisers the number of true daily subscribers and potential advertisers, well, you know…

Anyway, yesterday I opened up the paper hoping to get the story/ box score from the Pacers’ overtime win over the Hornets Wednesday night. What did I get? A note that the Pacers game was “LATE.” Mind you. This was a HOME game that, even with OT, ended at 9:30 or thereabouts.

So much for “caring” about the readers! So much for caring about the Pacers. So much for the moniker “INDIANAPOLIS STAR”!

Get with it guys and gals! Or just go totally on line and put us Indy natives out of our misery!

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