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Want To Move a Mountain?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


Want To Move a Mountain?

I love my daily Tut messages I get, but honestly, things get busy, and I tend to glance over them and not give them much thought most days. For some reason, a recent one really hit home to me, and when I posted it on Facebook, a couple other people said it hit home with them as well.

So, what was this reminder?

“Want to move a mountain, Serina? Befriend it. Call me, The Universe”

Simple, but deep. How many mountains are getting in the way of your goals? Are they true mountains or mole hills? Is there a way to see a different point of view on it and get over your prejudices, or stereotypes, your perceptions – to befriend whatever it is – be it a person you have chosen to have more control over you and your actions than what they really do – because really, you are in control? Is it a project you have been putting off because it just seems too big or too hard? Is it a goal in your personal life that seems too out of reach?

My advice is Tut’s advice – befriend it. And on a spiritual note, if it’s hard to befriend it, give the Universe a call and ask for some guidance.

Serina Kelly

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