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Move the Needle – Momentum

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

In the 2006 AFC Championship game, the Indianapolis Colts had fallen behind the evil empire (New England Patriots) 21-3. I distinctly remember watching the game at a friend’s house and saying to my wife, “Here we go again – another devastating loss to the Patriots”. Then something happened. With just a few minutes left in the second quarter, the Colts put together a nice 80 yard drive and Adam Vinatieri kicked a field goal with 11 seconds left.

We were still down by 15 points to one of the greatest teams in football history. But, that field goal gave us something important as we went into the locker room. For the first time in the championship game, we had gained momentum. The Colts rode that momentum into the second half and outscored the Patriots 32-13 on their way to the Super Bowl!

After the game, the Colts stated that nothing radically changed from the first to the second half – they simply executed the game plan. But, I think something huge happened – the momentum shift that took place at the end of the first half carried us through the end of the game. As soon as the shift took place, the Colts felt that no matter what happened, they would win the game.

The same thing happens every day in your business. We’ve all had a rough start in the morning. Whether it’s a client crisis or a big prospect informing us that they’ve selected the competition, the day gets going in the wrong direction.

Then it happens. Without noticing, you have a few things go your way including the same prospect calling back and telling you they’ve changed their mind and you get the contract. The next thing you know – BAM – you’ve got it – momentum! You feel invincible and pick up the phone to call a list of additional prospects that haven’t returned your calls in weeks. The shift in momentum provides you with the energy and confidence you lacked just a few hours earlier. As the day comes to a close, you relish in record sales and profits.

Most people chalk this outstanding turn of events to “luck”. While, a lucky event could have gotten the ball rolling, you did all the hard work. You executed the same tactics you’ve done for years. Only this time, you did it better. You looked forward to challenges, knowing that you’d come up with the right solution. You were a man/woman on a mission.

If it’s not luck, then can you learn to generate this momentum on your own? Yes – and here’s some thoughts to get you started.

First, remember that behavior/activity almost always precedes momentum. In other words, you can’t get to the office, sit at your desk and just hope that you begin to feel invincible. You have to get to work. The work that generates momentum is different for each of us. If your primary responsibility is sales, get out a list of prospects, and get dialing. If you’re an accountant, turn off the email, close the door and dive in to the numbers.

Next, learn from your mistakes and move on. Missteps can be momentum killers if you dwell on them. Identify the issue, write down how you’ll handle the situation differently and then get back to the activity necessary to get the ball rolling.

Finally, celebrate the wins along the way. Nothing fuels momentum better than sharing success with a coworker or friend. Smile, laugh, even hive –five if you need to, but make sure you enjoy the journey.

As with most things in life, the solution is simple. All you need to do is choose to execute. Choose wisely.

C.J. McClanahan
Reachmore Strategies

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