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Anger to Resolve = Mental Toughness

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

How fast do you go from anger to resolve? How fast do you go from losing your temper, to making a decision to move forward and act differently in a positive way.

I think many us think that when we lose our temper, be it in our golf game, our relationships, when we lose a big sale or account, or in a business, especially in a business management setting, we are lesser for it.

As a leader, it is never good to lose your temper. However, even the best of us have too much on our plates sometimes, and it just spills over. My belief is that part of building and strengthening the mind is working on how fast we can turn anger into resolve. Turn the negative into a decision to make positive actions.

In Tennis, Pete Sampras was famous for double faulting into an add-out point just to turn around and win the game with two aces.

Many great golfers make huge putts to scramble out of poor tee shots, or they turn in 4 birdies on the back nine after getting off track on the front nine.

Entrepreneur and magnate Donald Trump is famous for his resolve to come back. I’ve got to imagine he was pretty damn angry when he lost millions of dollars on several occasions, but it was his resolve that pulled him through the tough times.

How fast you can turn anger to resolve is a multiplier, because it is how fast you can go to striving forward instead of reeling backward. The difference in how this time is spent is the slight difference between those who produce at the highest levels, and those who merely compete in the game.

Tony Scelzo
Rainmakers Marketing Group

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