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Convenience versus Conviction

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012


I was on the phone with a good personal friend of mine and he said, “I got a lot of things accomplished this week… made a lot of decisions on several things.”
And then as our conversation progressed, we came back to this and he said, “yeah, I think a lot of times people just need to make more decisions.” And of course since I write about this every concept in some way or another every week I agreed with him and I threw in my opinion (which I always do) and said, “for sure, isn’t that the truth, people don’t get anything done because they are just too busy thinking and usually scared or timid about deciding!”

Look, I don’t want to rehash old stuff, but then, is there ever really anything old.

No. I write for me every time I write for you, it’s a reminder of what I should be doing, thinking, acting on, believing in, every single day and if time allowed I could reread my stuff and other peoples just to make sure I’m on track and keeping myself in check and empowered to proceed, aggressively, determinedly, with conviction and excitement.

My brother and I have gotten in the habit and really trained ourselves to make decisions every time we talk or see each other, sure there is some dialogue and often deliberation about matters, but nothing ever ends without some decision on and about something.

After all, it’s decision that comes before anything else.

Through my study in the martial arts I have long believed that all things of magnitude and significance in your life are first created in your minds eye, lived out “up there”, then realized in reality, “down here”.
There are two questions that are fitting for you, now, in this moment and in every other, that you can never go wrong answering and then acting on – and they are, I believe two of the secrets to living a truly happy and fulfilling life… one where you “feel” satisfied and “live” without regrets.

The questions my friend are:
What decision should you be making right now that indecision, limbo, stalemate, stalling, delaying, ignoring, pretending, etc is holding you back from living, doing, proceeding with the things you deeply want to enjoy, achieve, do, accomplish, etc?
This is a powerful question and its answer will have equally powerful impact on your life.

What you, I, anyone can never realize fully is the impact “NOT” making this decision is having on you and OTHERS in all aspects of your life. Nothing, in this life, is separable from anything else.
Yep, it’s all connected any-thing touching you is affected by every-thing touching you.

Liberate yourself with this question and liberate your life.

Next question
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How I deal with Reality…The List

Monday, February 13th, 2012


I’m going to entertain you today by elaborating on my personal strategies for dealing with reality and giving you a list that I follow. It’s not a complete list to be fair some things just happen at this time I don’t even consciously know or remember.

Also, let me remind you of one of the most critical principles of success…there is
no profit in being a critic, judging, and especially thinking you are any different,
your circumstances, situation, etc – everyone CAN benefit from my ideas in some

Oh, my stuff isn’t for everyone, and I would encourage you to use my list as
inspiration to customize your own. The major point is – I have a list…like doors
guarding the castle, guns ready to fire, protective spells cast against all
naysayers and detractors…if you don’t have a list you’re at the mercy of anyone
and everyone else ‘out there’.

Attempting to make a complex thing simple; we’re going to divide this into two parts.

First, internally, what you do, for you, for your “reality”.
Second, externally, what you do related to others “reality”.

I believe in self-imposed discipline. That all humans innately have none…except
what they or society forces upon themselves.

If you want to be a high income earner, and certainly accumulate wealth of any
significance, and grow a business, you must put yourself in an environment that
allows you to focus on that.

You’ve heard Brian Tracy’s saying taken from someone else I believe, “what you think
about most is what you become” or something like that.

Well, let’s get clear, what you “do” most will determine your results.
So if you are DOING things that results in increasing your value, growing your
business, making you money, then you will have more of that.

I believe you will be paid exactly what you are worth based on you, the value you
bring, and the environment you put yourself in.

This means REALITY Number 1 – you must invest the majority of your time on that
which you want to “become”. If you want to make a lot of money, you must work daily
at doing only those things that result in you making a lot of money.

You must become more valuable.

I work, not all the time, but more than anything else I do.
I study, invest, plan, organize, strategize, every day, in everything I can, things
that will make the “work” more valuable. Make me better.

I can tell you without a doubt, if you ask most people to tell you what they do MOST
each day, week, month, you will find THAT thing to be center in their reality. And
for most it is NOT their business, not their personal abilities, not making money.

It is amazing to me that many entrepreneurs think that they have freedom to do
whatever they want. No, this is not true. You decided to have responsibility which
gave you opportunity to EARN the right to do whatever you want…the keyword is
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Let Them Hit It — a World Series message about making money

Friday, November 4th, 2011


The great Zig Ziglar has many sayings that have stuck and become memorable principles for people all over the world. For the professional salesperson and those of us whose lives have to do with the extraction and attraction of money, this one draws the perfect picture as to why so many people do not have the money and success that they could otherwise have…

“Timid Sales People Have Skinny Kids!”

You read that right and let me make the point very clearly –

Period. End of story.

If I were to describe to you the thing that holds more people back from making
money, any money at all, I’m talking about, it’s that they say one thing but then
their behavior says something different.

The World Series got me to thinking so I’ll use it as an analogy.

I played baseball as a young boy all the way up until High School, kinda wish I
would’ve kept it up, but, wrestling was the only sport whose schedule fit with the
running of my martial arts schools so I had to let baseball go…but I still
remember the fun I had and get why so many people still find it America’s Pastime.

I was a pitcher and shortstop most of the time.

So, we’ll start with Pitching…

Back in the day, not at a pro level, the coaches always said, just throw it in there
and let them hit it. “give em something they can swing at” they’d say. That’s why
you’ve got the other 7 guys behind you…

And in sales, too many people try to trick every prospect they’ve got with some
crazy pitches that usually miss the mark. Instead of just throwing it right down
the middle.

I mean, seriously, if you’re any good at what you do, if you “deliver” and create
relationships, why not give them something they can swing at.

Stop being so paranoid and timid and desperate and trying to trick people into
things and just let them hit the ball.

It’s amazing how many people THINK they are “selling” when really they are
dancing, throwing the ball all over the place – and the batter couldn’t hit the
pitch if they wanted.

This is also related to the good old fashion salesperson problem of



So give them a pitch they can hit and let the 7 fielders behind you (answering their questions and objections, use of testimonials, explaining the benefits for them, etc.) help you make the out.

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The Teacher and The Student and the story of James and AJ

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011


Every week, right here, I attempt to give you some inspiration, some business insight, some personal experience that I believe will be helpful for you. Really, the point is to nudge you, push you, encourage you, hold your hand, pick you up, and, yes, my favorite, to kick in you in the rear, and help you find some THING that will drive you to want more, do more, be more, achieve more in your business and life this week, today, right now.

Based on the feedback I get, I accomplish my mission, in some way, for some people, each and every time I sit down to write. This is, after all, the only thing that makes it worth it…for me.

There are many reasons why we reconvene here as we do and share thoughts with each
other and stimulate and motivate one another to fight the good fight and keep going.
I’m not sure what yours are and I certainly never know what or when you’ll find
that trigger point in your life, in what I say, or in what you encounter anywhere
else from anyone else.

I just know that ‘triggers’ do happen as long as you are looking for them, as long
as you are desirous of them.

I must tell you, I’ve come to realize that one saying that I’ve found more truth in
than most other ‘opinions’ that are spouted out like law all the time by
everybody…that saying is:

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Okay, well, not so fast, because there are some missing pieces to that.
Kind of what I said a few sentences ago…you have to be looking for the teacher,
committed to finding the teacher, and willing to listen when you find the teacher.

If those things are true, then yes, when you are ready, as if it just “appears”,
magic will happen…kind of like luck, ‘magic’ will be orchestrated, worked for,
strategized about, and then realized.

Where am I going with all of this…

Well, let me tell you. It’s never everything around you, rather it’s YOU, that ends
up being the difference. You know, that famous song by Moonwalking Michael…”The
Man In The Mirror”.

I want to quickly tell you a story about some dear friends of mine and long time
Mastermind and Coaching members James and AJ Clingerman, who just so happened to be
featured on the live full day Dan Kennedy broadcast last Friday hosted by Joe Polish
in San Diego.

They deserve a huge round of applause, a pat on the back, heck, maybe even a little
vacation. Of course, now, they can afford to go on vacations, take some time off,
get out of their business once in a while.

What landed James and AJ in San Diego was not some overnight success, rather many
dominoes falling in their favor because of exactly what I describe above. They were
looking for triggers in their life, they had enough of ‘not having enough’, and
wanted more.

Three years later, they have liberation and control and are working their way towards financial freedom.

I remember the very first day they walked into the Chapter Event, of course, a much
smaller group than we have now, and I could see the hunger in their eyes, their
determination, and, their resilience.
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