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Tuesday, February 19th, 2013


Oh, there are so many ways I could direct this article. But, today, I’m talking about one thing…a critical factor to your success in – EFFECTIVE MARKETING and SELLING.

Expectations of your customers.

That’s right, your customers do have expectations of everything you do, everything you say, everything they experience from your communication, service, interaction, and marketing.

You have certainly heard the expression “under-promise and over-deliver” and while
that sounds wonderful it isn’t the most effective marketing strategy to
“under-promise.” Of course we all like to promise more, more, more and woo our
customers into submission. This isn’t always most practical after you’ve got their
money and now have to maintain your relationship with them.

We’ve all said “false advertising” before as a joke usually where you expected
something different than what you received. But, the reality is, your ability to
make things count with your customers and convince them to support you beyond the
initial sale with referrals, high priced transactions, ascension up the ladder of
value for your business is tied to how you deliver whatever you say, promise, and
most importantly what the customer expects.

I’d like to break this down into a couple things for you to implement into your
business marketing and customer experience strategy.
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