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Investigate, Cross Pollinate, Implement, and Then Detonate

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Why is the obvious oftentimes so difficult for people to see? The clues are all around us but most people playing the business game are either too lazy or narrow-minded that they’ll continue to play at the amateur level. Please grasp the power of what I’m going to share with you as it can produce quantum leaps and breakthroughs within any business or organization. If you take what I’m about to share seriously you’ll never view the world around you the same way as you did before.

A Guru’s Candid and Public Confession About Marketing

95% of marketing is systemically the same, regardless of the product, service or message a business may be offering

5% of marketing is pure innovation or more likely a new combination of proven marketing principles and strategies borrowed from somewhere else

This 5% is the arena you want to begin playing within as you expand your marketing efforts and get good at building Mind Capture.

Unless you have the time, a team of enlightened researchers, or are simply one of the few mortals who can create entirely new marketing strategies (please call me directly if this describes you), then you’re often best served by what I’m about to share. The transference of marketing ideas from one industry to an entirely different one is an acquired and valuable mindset that I describe as simply the ability to…

Investigate, Cross Pollinate, Implement and Then Detonate

So how do you acquire this unique and powerful marketing mindset of being able to dissect, borrow and sort through marketing strategies from other industries that you can pollinate, implement and detonate within your marketing mix?

Here are three quick ways to condition your mind to be aware of opportunities and discover gems buried outside your current industry niche.

#1. Read, listen or check out online a broad range of magazines on business and current events including franchise and opportunity based publications to look for ways they market and attract new business. Get out of your comfort zone and explore outside your industry for new ideas and strategies you can borrow, test and detonate within your own vertical market.

#2. Watch, listen and learn from what’s happening around you and how other marketers grab your mind, time or money. The trick is to approach what appears to be mundane with a sense of childlike curiosity with the intent to learn something new. When I’m on vacation, my wife will often tell me to relax because she knows I’m watching and taking mental notes on things that impress me as good marketing or service in action that I can pick up and use within my own business or share with others.

#3. Form or join a mastermind that’s sales and marketing focused consisting of different businesses to allow the free flow of information and ability to ask questions related to new and repeat business activities. Someone may have a powerful way to attract leads that you’ve never heard of that could be slightly adjusted and implemented within your industry with massive success.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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