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Bad Money

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


Okay, so, there is actually no “bad money”, but there are bad, destructive, detrimental ways to make money and certainly people to make, take, share it with.

Today I’d like to talk with you about something critically important to your long term success and more importantly, your sanity and lifestyle. Although by the clinical definition of insanity/sanity, I’m sure it exists, but I don’t believe you could classify any entrepreneur’s mind or life or business as being sane, at least not all of the time.

Anyhow, back on point – you must always be monitoring and assessing not just the
money you make, but how you make the money – what are you doing, being, giving up,
obligating yourself to in order to exchange your “resources” (meaning life, time,
energy, people, money, brainpower, etc) in order to receive money.

Of course there are those societal judgments put on how people make money through
illegal measures and immoral ventures, but there are also criticism for money made
from the internet, paid to professional athletes, selling of certain products, and
on and on.

The power of all of this is you get to choose what, how, who, when, why you make money.

The message today is not about those 5 things, rather the consequences of your
choice. And I use the word consequence intentionally, but, you could say result,
outcome, responsibility or other words.

Many I talk about your principle based business and life decision
making process, about setting priorities, about goals, ambitions, and the “reasons”
and purpose why you are doing what you are doing.

But, do you often look at the flip side of things, which is what I’m discussing here.

If you feel stuck, uneasy, uncertain, or anything other than confidently focused and
deliberately driven in a direction for your business and life it is because you are
ignoring some “consequence” of a decision you’ve made that is standing in your way
of further, faster, more fruitful progress.

As example, I often say not all clients or customers are created equal, not all
means of making money are created equal because the same amount of money is not the
measuring stick it is what you had to do to get the amounts.

At the beginning of this year my brother and I made a decision to eliminate income
streams from our business that were not congruent with our future vision, that were
holding us back taking time and energy away from the direction we really wanted to
go. Keeping that money was short term gratification not long term ambition focused
and principled by how, why, when, where, what we wanted to be doing.
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Change, Transitions, and Life Lessons from Peyton in Orange!

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


If you follow sports at all, and how could you not, you’re aware of the transition that just took place with the most prized player in Football (and what could prove to be the conclusion of the greatest quarterback career in history). Certainly now more than ever he’s got an opportunity to place himself beyond the other top QBs.

Of course I’m talking about Peyton Manning. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for people tied to Indianapolis, the Colts, or Peyton in any way. Much like I’m sure, if not exactly, the way it was with Brett Farve.

The ironies of life and business wrapped up into this brilliant example of how
things change and people must too in order to capitalize and make the most of all
situations and circumstances.

I’ll tell you this, if only we could all have deadlines and trade rules and built in
time frames where we were forced to make decision by; like they’ve had the past
couple weeks we’d all be better off.

I don’t know too many examples, can’t think of any actually where someone said,
“geez, I sure wish I would have spent a few extra days, months, years waiting around
for that decision to become more clear” nope. People always wish they would have
acted more decisively, moved faster, and took action.

There is a saying that goes something like, “action brings clarity.” Not getting
clear and then acting. Hardly. Move, go, change, adapt, do something.

You know, Peyton would have loved to stay in Indy and finish his career, the reality
is it wasn’t the best thing for his career and no question, not the best thing for
the Colts. Thus change ensued. We’d all like to think of it as “the way things are
supposed to be”.

But, things usually aren’t. Things happen and times change, opportunities lead to
other opportunities, people lead to other people, and growth and evolution in life,
business, sports; all requiring the courage to move on.

Someone once said, if your business is the same three years from now, you will have
no business. And apparently no football team.

Here’s what you’ve witnessed, a decision by a team, then a decision by a player,
then a decision by another team, and a decision by a player. The Colts, then Peyton,
then Denver, then Peyton.

The keyword is DECISION. To accept change maturely, responsibly, and decisively and
then immediately consider and again decide what’s best for You, and that answer will
always be staring you in the face; you now only need the courage to live out the
reality of the new change.

Every day in your business you face this exact situation usually sitting in a limbo
of choices, pretending something will change…it will not.

You must always be moving towards the ultimate outcome that you desire!

I will say that again…
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Getting Lucky With Money

Monday, March 12th, 2012


I love St. Patrick’s Day – no real reason. I don’t drink any color of beer and I don’t party, but I like green and everything that carries the color, including money.

Anyhow – Here’s my 3 principles for getting and staying lucky in life, love, and business.

Number 1 – You’ve got to expect to be lucky. Sure, that comes from doing the right things, but believe me, no matter how many times you point yourself in the right direction, if you are expecting the worst you’ll get it.

This is not to say simply being optimistic, no, as Dan Kennedy talks about all the time, coined by Napoleon Hill, accurate thinking is critical.

When you set out to do something though, since it’s you doing it, you ought to be
confident about the outcome. You have to expect to get lucky.

That means that your actions and strategy have to warrant the thinking. You need to
be following a plan, with purpose, that you are intentionally taking action on.
Then, you have no reason to not expect to “get lucky.”

This is one of the main reasons I’ve got a waiting list for Private Coaching
Members, and have private client projects lined up a year, nearly two, in advance.
Because they know when they get me, they get experience across many industries,
tried and true strategies, and a damn good bet that they’ll get lucky.

No kidding, I’ve got clients that just want to keep me in there life because “things
seem to work better and move faster when Scott’s around”.

That better be the case, because that’s what suppose to happen.

Number 2 – You can’t get lucky if you’re sitting on the sidelines. In other words,
if you’re dealt a bad hand, and choose not to be dealt again, pretty obvious you
can’t win, you can’t get lucky.

One of the biggest problems I see with entrepreneurs is that they think a “strategy”
or a “business” is no good. Instead of taking responsibility. The simple fact that
someone somewhere is doing better than you are means there is room for improvement.

But most people want to jump from cloud to cloud searching for the next rainbow
instead of hunkering down, building a solid business, and watching as the clouds
part to discover the rainbow was right there with them all along.

Think about it, how many professional athletes have a slump and instead of work on
their skill, they switch sports because “it must be something with the sport – can’t
be me”.

None of them. So, as a business owner, don’t be so fickle.

And, while you may see this as contradictory to number 1, you should know it goes
hand in hand. When you stay in the game, play more hands, get dealt more cards, you
will find ways to win. And that’s exactly how you get lucky.
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Divide and Conquer: Achieving Maximum Results through Yourself and Others

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


In keeping with the theme of the New Year and getting your ship sailing in the right
direction, making necessary and often tough changes and decisions, this week I’m
going to take you behind the scenes of how I get so much done and manage so many
different projects, businesses, income streams, and relationships.

The short answer is, I work. Hard, long, often, relentlessly. But, that’s not the
sexy answer you are looking for and to leave it at that wouldn’t be telling you all
the truth.

My business is pretty much divided right down the middle in terms of getting money
and fulfilling for the money we get. My primary responsibility is being me, going
out and getting clients and expanding relationship into bigger opportunities,
creating enough demand to raise fees and become more valuable.

That’s all another way of saying creating chaos, running around causing trouble, and
doing a whole of stuff then having to figure it out after the fact. That’s the way
it goes if you want to get a lot done, we are valuable to a lot of people, and
create above average income.

But, there is after all another side to the business. You can never fully do the
“work on the business” versus “in the business” thing entirely. It’s impossible.
At least someone has to pay attention to the details, deliver on the goods, fulfill
for the money.

Without some backend support, someone taking care of the ying while you’re out
yanging…you’ll go nowhere fast and hit a ceiling in your business quickly leading
to frustration and unhealthy stress. I say unhealthy because too many people think
stress is avoidable and crumble under pressure. Not so. Everything happens under
pressure and stress is inevitable but it doesn’t ever have to be unhealthy.

Back to my point, and my brother, who is my business partner and really life partner
as friend and confidant. I mean, he keeps me alive, out of jail, and relatively

Yet, I seldom see him, less than once a month now, this year. We talk one
structured time each week and have more random conversations about football and
politics than business, because we have a system for working together, for building

We divide things right down the middle both using our own specialized and developed
skills, maximizing our talents, things we prefer to be doing, we do.
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