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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Are things not going your way? Are you out of luck? Someone said to me, “All I need is a little luck.” It reminded me of the lottery commercial with the tiny guy who calls himself “a little bit of luck.” I decided to think about luck.

Last week I went to a tag sale and found the perfect leather bound small suitcase. I had been looking for one to use as a cabinet in my bathroom. I saw one in an antique store and I loved it but it was too expensive. The woman at the tag sale had three to sell, all different sizes but didn’t want to split them up. (I’m not sure why I didn’t buy all three, I could have probably resold the other two.) The key to this story is they were perfect and it was lucky that I found them but despite my bit of luck I didn’t purchase them. Sometimes we just don’t recognize luck.

I left the woman my name and told her I would call her on Monday and if they weren’t sold maybe she would work a deal for me. This is what I call, “pushing your luck.”

Monday came and went and I finally called her on Tuesday. She laughed and said she had waited for me to call on Monday because she still had the suitcases. Unfortunately since she hadn’t heard from me she sold them 10 minutes ago to someone else for 1/2 the price. Luck was with me in both instances and I didn’t jump. I asked myself, do I ignore luck? I can’t go home and say I lost out, luck had given me the chance.

Luck is always with us; sometimes in disguise. It’s up to us to look at situations and ask ourselves the question, is this the luck I’ve been looking for? Or are you filled with self-doubt and wouldn’t know luck if you fell over it? Luck may be a chance meeting with an interesting person but you don’t get their name. We have a column in our local newspaper called “chance meeting.” It’s where people describe their “sightings” of beautiful people who they’ve fallen in love with from afar. Of course they never approached their new love and went away with terrible feelings of longing. And then what do they do? They put an ad in the “chance meeting,” describing the place, day and circumstances surrounding their nonexistent encounter. It seems they’ve missed their simple luck and now they’re looking for a miracle.

I believe luck is all around us but you must look. My friend who religiously shops tag sales buying jewelry finally found a 10 carat diamond ring with a platinum setting! For years he has buying piles of old jewelry with the hopes he would have a little luck. Last week he got it. How did he find his luck, he kept looking.
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