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The Evolution of the FourSquare Consumer

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


If you are into social media, and if you are reading this blog, you probably are, you may be using some sort of location-based social media. I personally use FourSquare, and it’s always kinda funny to me to watch the evolution of the FourSquare user.

I remember my first couple weeks on FourSquare about a year ago. I checked in wherever I was going – the dry cleaners, the coffee shop, the hardware store, the drugstore, the post office, the grocery store. I guess I should apologize to all those connected to me because I know I probably annoyed the crap out of you with those 7-10 postings a day.

Now, I giggle to myself when I see the new user because it’s like that new toy we got as a child – we played with it every single day for hours – and then it loses some of its novelty. When it comes to FourSquare, I think we all just figure out how it plays in our world. We realize it probably isn’t the best to check into McDonald’s every day (especially if you are not fit to begin with) or maybe most people won’t care if you are filling up your gas tank (unless you are letting them know of a great price).

I know for myself, I tend to check in for three reasons:

1. To promote and publicize someone else’s business (i.e. my personal trainer, Nunn’s Performance Training)

2. To participate in a friendly competition with others to become the esteemed mayor (i.e. Skyline Club)

3. To boast my whereabouts when it comes to hanging out with my family (i.e. basketball tournaments and volunteering)

It made me start thinking about why others “check in.” I’m interested in hearing from you on why you “check in.”

Serina Kelly

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