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The Power of the Mastermind

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The adage that two heads are better than
one is a powerful statement that most people have
heard before, yet often treat lightly. We all face
challenges in life, relationships, communication
and especially in business.

Without challenge, imagine how boring
life would be? One of the biggest issues most
people face when confronted with a major challenge
or crisis is to step back from the situation,
humble themselves and seek out others for solid
advice and help. I can tell you from personal
experience that this is where having a ‘navy seal’
team of positive, solution driven people to assist
and call upon is invaluable!

Here are two great reasons to
assemble and use a mastermind for your
business but in particular within your own
marketing efforts.

#1. To help you get into action. I’ve
lost track of how many people over the years that
carry on and on about how ‘they don’t have time’
to work on their marketing or that they ‘got busy
and haven’t had a chance to work on it’ because of
other issues, plans, etc. Yes, the list of excuses
is often predictable and honestly pathetic. Yes, I
said it and here’s why: marketing is the oxygen of
every organization. I feel like a broken record
here as I hammer this home in all of my books,
talks and client consultations as it often appears
that I’m speaking a foreign language or being
taken too lightly on this premise.

If you investigated through the daily
list of business casualties around the globe,
you’d find them littered with well intentioned
people who are excellent at what they provide,
make, or offer, but were horrible at promoting
(aka: marketing) it. Unfortunately, the market
place often doesn’t reward the best people,
product or service, but bottom line the best
marketers. Please burn that last sentence into
your mind and never, ever forget it. A lot of
people reading may dislike this, but it is true in
almost every industry.

When you assemble a good group of like
minded people to assist you with ideas, questions,
and problems or opportunities related to your
marketing efforts it helps to not only save you
time, money, frustration, but in the context of
marketing it helps to build in a key ingredient:
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