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Reinventing Yourself is Not What You Think

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012


I read an article recently about finding your leadership strengths, you need to realize your weaknesses. The article gave several examples of well-known leaders, including General Patton, Mother Teresa, and Steve Jobs, and how they needed to compensate for what some considered weaknesses to find their true leadership strengths.

It reminded me of a leadership training I went through about two years ago called Breaking Through. Through that program, I realized my pretty darn remarkable leadership qualities, but I also realized what we called our nerds – those parts of us that hold us back from being the truly amazing people we were meant to be because we fight those “nerds” – try to stuff them instead of embracing them as part of us.

This article made such a point that hit home to me – rather than work on reinventing yourself, it’s worth thinking about whether you should embrace what you don’t like about yourself instead. The truth is that self-reinvention, when done properly, is embracing your innermost self.

Did you just have an ah-ha moment? I did!

Serina Kelly

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