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Uncovering Hidden Jobs FAST

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Business Week, FOX News, Harvard, Yale, and Cornell have all reported or conducted studies that suggest 60-80% of jobs are found through networking.

The days of turning to the classifieds to find a new job are long gone.

The wave of wholly effective online job boards has also passed. Employers who advertise on job sites get inundated with resumes, don’t have time to go through them, and find disconnected unqualified candidates. As a result, many of the best hiring managers have forsaken job boards altogether.

The best jobs are not advertised, and the best candidates are not responding to mass advertisements.

Job connections are now made through networking!

How do I Leverage Networking to Find a Job?

There are 3 types of networking:
2.Six Degrees of Separation

Direct networking involves building relationships directly with your target employer. An example of this could involve going to your industry’s trade association and networking with members who could be potential employers.

Six degrees of separation networking is based on the premise that everyone knows someone that knows someone, and if you ask enough people for whom you need to meet, you’ll find them within six asks. If you’re networking through general community events, service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.), or church, you are using the six degrees method.

Strategic networking places the focus on building relationships with people who are engaged with your target employer over and over again. An example of this for job seekers, is partnering with recruiters. They work with dozens of employers who are looking for candidates just like you.

Here is the skinny on how the type of networking you select impacts your job search:
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