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The Secret to Being a Rock Star

Monday, October 25th, 2010


A few weeks ago in one of my Private Coaching Session, with a real life Rock Star, we were discussing his preparation for making a big break with his career. That the time is now for going all out, and in essence going it alone. He’s got the success, the track record, and all of that – for now, I’ll not disclose who he is, although it wouldn’t be hard to figure it out… still

You’d underestimate his career accomplishments to date simply for a lack of marketing presence, which is obviously where I come in.

In our discussion I ask him what he thought was the BIG Secret to making it BIG, and how others got their got their start which he’ll be emulating on business principles so to speak.

His answer without hesitation was – “You have to look like You’re already

Now, stop, go back, reread that sentence. Because it’s more profound than on
the surface of those 8 words – “You have to look like you’re already there.”
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