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Countdown to Kennedy (Dan Kennedy, that is); 20 days to go — Business strategy #12

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

For those who are familiar with the marketing expertise of Dan Kennedy, you will be excited to know that he will be speaking in Indianapolis on June 23rd from 1-5pm.

His marketing strategies and business tactics are numerous and powerful. To mark the countdown to Dan Kennedy’s presentation on June 23rd, “RE-INVENT Your Business:10 Ways to DOUBLE Your Income in 29 days,” each day we will present one of Kennedy’s Marketing or Business Strategies, making 31 in all prior to his presentation.

Learn more about Dan Kennedy and his presentation in Indianapolis.

Dan Kennedy Strategy #12

The Outright, No Strings Attached Free Offer

Kennedy gives us the low-down on the rationale for absolute, all-out, unrestricted free offers:

“Another consultant told me about a newly-launched restaurant that gave away free lunches for two weekds. No, not 2-for-1. free. No strings attached. And the business boomed ever since.

If Marriott Courtyards cuuld get a list of frequent business travelers who stay at Holiday Inns or Ramadas, they could afford to give every one of them a free night, no strings attached. Why? Their product is so superior they’d switch just about everybody over.

Some years ago, we did totally free seminars in our Success Trak Division. The only way we made money was if 65% or more of the audience so clearly saw the value of our expertise that they bought our educational systems. And we did, because they did.

Back in the mists of time, I tended bar on weekends. Our place closed a couple hours earlier than several bars across the street, so the “crew” usuallly went someplace together afterwards for a few drins, then someplace else for breakfast. One night, the owner of one of the across-the-street bars dropped in. “You guey have never been in my place,” he said, “but if you’d like to try us, I’ll buy your first two rounds of drinks any night you want to come in.” He got our business from then on. Nout just because of the freebie. But because he had a genuinely good product: a nice place with good music, stiff drinks, good-looiking barmaids, and good bar snacks.”

If you’ve got a truly outstanding product or service and can pinpoint legitiimately qualified, highly desirable customers, you might try the outright, no-strings-attached, free offer.

Take a look at strategy #11.

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