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“Overnight Success” is Generally a Bunch of Bull

Friday, October 29th, 2010

It’s always amazing to me when I hear about someone being an overnight success because I bet, in most cases, if you ask them, they wouldn’t agree. Now they probably would consider themselves quite lucky, but I am sure they spent many long hours, days, weeks and probably years perfecting whatever craft they have. They probably had quite a few failures and head-aches and depressed moments before they became “an overnight success.”

I just think too many of us getting into business think it’s going to be easy. I’ve seen way too many people get involved with one business and then switch to something else and then switch to something else – and I wonder to myself is it because they thought they were going to get rich quick?

To be successful at anything, it takes time, patience, usually some money, a great support system, the ability to keep going when the going gets tough, the love of what you are doing, maybe some smarts – what else is needed? Interested in hearing from you.

Serina Kelly

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