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10 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List

Friday, August 10th, 2012


Everyone knows I am all about taking care of your current database. I mean, come on, my business is relationship marketing. But the truth be told, if you are not doing anything to grow your contacts, your database will slowly shrink, maybe up to 25% every year, due to your contacts moving from one company to another, switching from a Hotmail account to a Gmail account or they just opt out.

So, we do need to keep that funnel filled with new contacts to stay in front of with our e-newsletter. One of the best ways to get people to sign-up is have great content as a success email marketing campaign starts with people wanting to read your content

Here are 10 more simple ways to build up that list:

1. Have a sign-up sheet on your website – above the fold – to just sign up for your newsletter.

2. Create an offer and place it on your website, like a free whitepaper or ebook, and require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it.

3. Host an online webinar or teleseminar and collect email addresses when they register.

4. Add a QR code to your printed marketing material – again offering your visitors something of interest to get them to sign-up for it.

5. Collect business cards at business networking events and trade show events, and make sure you add them to your database – does you no good if those cards just stack up on your desk or in your desk drawer.

6. Add an email signup call-to-action as a custom tab on your Facebook page.

7. Ask for their email addresses when people buy from you – we give out our email addresses like we used to give out our phone numbers. But you have to ask!

8. Use social media to promote your free white paper or ebook, and get them back to your website to sign up (see #2).

9. Host a virtual event with a strategic partner and cross promote each other’s business with a link to sign up to receive their monthly newsletter or white paper.

10. Have a call-to-action on all your marketing material, including your blogs – and provide the link to your sign-up page on your website.

Serina Kelly

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