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The Power of Grabbers

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

One of my favorite ways to get Mind Capture is via the use of grabbers in the communication process. A grabber is simply the use of a mailing that employs a unique attention getting envelope or enclosure with the goal to get immediately noticed by the recipient.

When I show clients and audiences how to use them and why they work so well, I can often see their eyes light up with not only curiosity, but excitement and here’s why: they work!

In a world of marketing noise and thousands of messages thrown at each of us on a daily basis, the use of good-old fashioned direct mail via grabbers is still my favorite way to get a person’s attention.

Here are three reasons to use grabbers in your marketing efforts:

1.To stand out and gain attention from all the other mail, social media, voicemails, emails and other communications that cross your prospect’s desk.
2.To help differentiate you from the competition. They help tie into the opening of your letter or information packet as to what products or services you provide.
3.People remember them. As time starved as people are today you must be thinking “outside-the-box” to get your information looked at or even noticed.

For example, one of my favorite ways to get a busy prospects attention is to mail them specific information and testimonial letters in a blue bank bag. Not only does this stand out in the mailbox, but people remember it. This is one of the #1 challenge ALL of us face in marketing, especially in the age of instant communication and distraction.

In addition, when I do a follow up call a few days after mailing the bank bag, many times the recipient remembers the mailing and will often give me a few minutes on the phone or email me after I leave a voicemail to see what and why I used the bank bag to get their attention. This is huge for many reasons including not only saving time, but getting to the top of the attention pile so you have a shot at reaching the person you seek to influence and engage.

Tony Rubleski
Mind Capture

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