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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

There seems to be a lot of stress and tension exhibited frequently in the workplace – on the phone as well as in person. It’s not just me – a lot of people are talking about less-than-friendly attitudes from a variety of people in a wide range of industries.

Are people so wrapped up in their own issues that they have forgotten to care and show courtesy to others? Or are the employees just mirroring the company culture?

I recently had a very unpleasant phone conversation regarding a personal matter with a large company. Well, actually, it wasn’t the company I spoke to, but a person who was in the customer service department. Customer and Service didn’t belong in the same sentence with this company! I was constantly interrupted and told I was plain-and-simple-wrong. Wow! Can you imagine how I felt when the call was over? Not that I expected to change their company policy (though someone should), all I wanted was to be heard and shown a little consideration. I felt horrible immediately after the call, and it stayed with me for hours, like a dark cloud over my head.

I recently visited Biechele Royce Advisors, in Fishers, Indiana, and well….SUNSHINE, baby! No dark clouds in this office! As I entered, I was warmly welcomed by Cathy with a smile and very pleasant, “How can I help you?” She quickly notified Alice Howe that I had arrived to discuss our home inventory service and how we can serve their clients. Alice immediately entered the reception area with a warm handshake and a smile. Compared to my previous telephone incident, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! On to the conference room where Justin Whelan and Brian Hoskins offered such a comfortable atmosphere that I felt we’d been friends for years.

What a difference! How do you make your customers and visitors feel? Will they never want to call or shop with you again, or will they want to actually become a customer or client? Each of these two companies had a choice. Biechele Royce Advisors made the right one!

Cindy Hartman
Hartman Inventory, LLC

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