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Results are never a mystery…

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


I often wonder what people spend their time doing if not trying to make money. If you listen to entrepreneurs and business owners talk about how they go through their days, what they focus on, how time gets used up, it is usually quite obvious why growth in income, customers, and overall productivity isn’t happening.

Most people get caught up, or distracted rather, doing things that “come up” or just take up time rather than things that are deliberate and strategic to their overall purpose.

When you ask someone what their goals and objectives are, say for the new year,
you’ll get an answer, but when you follow-up that question with HOW or WHAT are you
doing NOW to accomplish those goals? You’d be lucky to get any response at all.

Go ahead, take a look at yourself, I’m guilty too…

Do your daily actions match up, lead to, help you in your pursuit of your grandest

If not, why not?

The highest and best use of your time should be your striving effort every day.

People who have more money, more customers, more success have them for many reasons,
but one foundational principle:

They spend more time, effort, energy, and resources focused on getting more money,
customers, success.

The most valuable thing is this disciplined, forced, laser-sharp focus on your goals and objectives down to the
“dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s” specific detail of exactly what should be
happening every day and then follow-up on holding yourself to its execution.

Everybody gets excited about big picture visions…few people ever take that vision
and make it a reality.

Here’s the deal – there are very specific things you should be doing to make more
money and get more customers. Specific marketing actions, but more importantly
specific personal, daily behaviors and focusing on the detail of execution.

Scott Manning

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