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Four Steps to Building a Global Network

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Connecting Globally

I went to Ireland in February to speak at a conference, I connected with some of my friends there, and made many new friends, last week I was in Australia, training a group of franchise owners. In August I will be in Africa working with a team of franchise owners, and in October, I am going to go hang out with friends in London, Paris and Scotland. Ten years ago I would not have believed that I could know someone on every continent of the globe, but today, I do. It makes for a diversely rich network, allowing me to learn, connect and travel the world.

One of the benefits of traveling, teaching and learning is my appreciation of my very own country, to be able to see the US through the eyes of those outside the US. To travel the way that I do in the world never would have happened if I had not decided to be intentional about the creation of my network. Every single opportunity that I have had to travel has been the result of my network, they have referred me over and over to others. They extend invitations and make me feel at home in a foreign place.

Today it is not hard at all to build a global network. With social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter and international face to face organizations like Rotary, Toastmasters and BNI the world continues to feel as if it is shrinking. When you meet someone on the other side of the world who knows someone you know, it hits you, just how connected we all are!

Here are a few things that you can do to increase your global connections and create contacts around the world.

1. Social Media – Get active on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and start connecting globally. These are the big three. But, I have found there are more region specific sites like Ecademy that are heavily used by Europeans, so I am able to have more conversations and stay up on world topics by participating there. There are also sites that are more heavily influenced by Asian participants too.

2. Attend international trade shows and conferences. Attending workshops with people from all over the world allows you to connect over a common interest. This opens the door for

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