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Getting a ‘Yes’, NOW!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Some clients want to take their sweet ‘ol time in making investment decisions.

You know that you are doing the best to serve them by taking them off the market and helping them make a confident and competent decision.

You also know that you need to hit your sales goal today!

Here are 5 keys to creating urgency that will light a little fire under your clients’ tush, to take action:

1. Bandwagon – No one likes to be the first to do something (except for innovators). Slip multiple stories about how “everybody’s buying” into your presentation, and just watch new customers clamor to be part of the crowd.

2. Price Guarantee – Have prices ever gone up in your business? Of course they have. Let your clients know that for their protection, they can lock in their price with a P.O. or deposit today.

3. “So Many Deals…” – Before answering any question, especially the ones about time, scheduling, and ordering, mention something about how many people are ahead of them. “Let’s get you scheduled for a measure… Whew! This schedule is so full, we couldn’t barely squeeze you in until Thursday…” This technique ties in the bandwagon technique, and pushes clients to make decisions faster.

4. Time Frame – Use your clients’ time frame against them. If they need your product by a certain date, work backwards to figure out when they would need to order it, and them push them to order based on that time frame.

5. Sale End – If you have a sale or promotion going on, give it an expiration date and challenge your clients to make a decision so they don’t lose out on a promotion.

Creating urgency is easy when you give your clients something to lose, tell them that everyone is doing it, and paint a picture of successful busy-ness.

What other techniques have you used to get a client from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes’?

Jamar Cobb-Dennard

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