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Press Release: CuraPharm Selects Woll Enterprises, Inc. of Indianapolis, IN

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Tom Hiat, CEO of CuraPharm of San Diego California, announced today the selection of Woll Enterprises of Indianapolis, IN, Inc. after a national search to select a fundraiser and consultant to work with the company in bringing its unique wound care dressing products to market.

“David Woll is an ideal selection since he brings to the table over forty years of professional experience both as a successful serial entrepreneur as well as his track record funding many companies over the last decade”, Mr. Hiat said.

“I am very pleased to work with the CuraPharm team. They provide a unique line of wound dressings not only to the general population but to the aging population cohort as well. Their team of highly trained staff is currently preparing to initiate clinical trials, which when completed will be the last step to bring their products to market”, Woll said.

CuraPharm is a life science company located in San Diego, CA. Their new proprietary wound healing product lines provides an important new breakthrough in the medical wound field. For further information, please contact, Tom Hiat at 619.449.7388 or

Woll Enterprises, Inc provides fundraising, financial, and consulting services to startup, early and later stage companies in the following business fields: life science, software, consumer products, renewable energy, manufacturing and technology. (For further information, please contact David Woll at 317.727.1577 or

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