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The Struggle of Being a Mom and a Business Owner

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


I started my company 2 ½ years ago. During these years, I have learned so, so very much, met some incredible mentors along the way, and have realized part of being a business owner is feeling almost like you are bi-polar. Even though I know these feelings of loving the business one week and then wanting to just give up the next week is part of the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur, I still struggle with it – and tack on that I’m a mom, and I think it brings in more feelings as well.

I really started asking myself some hard questions, which included do I want to push myself and work harder to really make Relevate become a big business – and what sacrifices come with this choice? Or am I okay with the growth and success I have achieved and keep the business at this level – and what sacrifices come with this choice?

It’s about coming back to my “why”? Why am I even doing this? What keeps me going every day? It is not the work, and even though I love my clients, it’s not the clients. It’s my family. I had a huge ah-ha moment recently – love and hate those sometimes a well. It hit me hard that my soon-to-be 16 year old son would be graduating and moving away for college in 2 ½ years. Do I want to push myself and work long hours and miss these last few years of my son being at home with us? The answer is no, I really don’t.

Now I’m not taking my shingles down – what this means is that I am working smarter, not harder – and my ultimate goal will not be to become this huge company. My goal is being more of a success in the home as a mom while having a small, successful business that allows the opportunity for me to take care and enjoy my “why.”

Serina Kelly

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